Creating A Warm, Creative And Inspiring Place In Your Home Office

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It’s a workspace but made to spark your creativity

The number of people who are working from home is on the rise, and this trend won’t stop anytime soon. Due to all technology, people are easily connected, it creates no carbon footprint (driving to and from the workplace), and it’s cheaper. So, if you are already working from home, you should create a beautiful, cozy home office. You deserve it!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your office is. It would be best if you had a desk for your laptop/PC and a comfortable chair. Make sure that your office space is exposed to natural light, and if not, you’ll need an extra lamp. Adequate lighting is a necessity for many reasons, but mostly to keep you from drifting away and napping instead of working. Ideally, place the table near the window, so not only you get to be near the sun, but you’ll also have a lot of fresh air. Now, let’s add some elements which will make your home office a proper place for work.

The presence of plants in the office can boost creativity by 45%, productivity by 40%, and the general mood by 50%. Viper’s bowstring hemp, Zanzibar Gem, Pigmy weeds, Devil’s ivy, are among the most popular office plants. According to Feng Shui, these plants are connected to creativity, but more than that: they attract money, which is why we work in the first place.

Every genuine home office needs some décor pieces. It can be anything that makes you happy or proud. Framed pictures of your kids, motivational or sarcastic quote, maybe a diploma or any other achievement will do. It will remind you why you love your job, and give you an extra boost of positivity when you’re not at your best.

The workspace should not be used for anything other than working. Once you are done for the day, turn off the PC, clean up the area, and go on with your day. Treat your home office as any other office, no matter how small it is. Remember to stretch out every 30-50 minutes and take regular meals during work hours.