Match Your Pet’s Bed to the Rest of Your Decor

Credit: Unsplash

Who says pet beds can’t be chic?

Obviously, your pet doesn’t especially care what their bed looks like. If they fit, they sit. Sometimes, they’ll sit even if they don’t fit. But hey, if they don’t care, then you have express license to do all the caring for them! Of course, a pet’s bed should be soft and comfortable for them, but if it happens to match with your home’s aesthetic, well, let’s call that a happy bonus.

If you like fancy, recurring patterns, or have a taste for a bit of Middle Eastern flair, this Moroccan Bolster bed will suit your needs perfectly. It comes in teal, marsala, and navy, and would look great in a sunny, brightly colored living room.

If you miss the shag carpets of the 60s, this bed ought to jog that familiar funky feeling. In addition to going perfectly with a retro vibe, the faux shag covering will keep your pet warm and comfy on a cold night.

If you love wacky knick-knacks and have a flair for the whimsical, it doesn’t get much better than this adorable unicorn bed. Small cats and dogs love having a little cave to curl up in, and the design is perfect if you love to take pictures of your furry friends while they’re sleeping.