It’s a Great Time for Home Improvement

Credit: Home Stratosphere via Pinterest

Time to channel your inner Tim Allen.

One of the reasons I don’t particularly like assembling furniture is that it tends to be an all-day project. Even if it’s something relatively simple like a desk or a chair, it usually takes a couple of hours at the absolute minimum. Whether that’s because furniture is hard to assemble or I’m just bad at it, I couldn’t say. But as long as we’re all stuck inside, it is a great opportunity to add pieces to your home that would normally take up too much time assemble. Because hey, where else do you have to be right now?

You can order all sorts of kits for desks, stands, tables, chairs and more off Amazon or from your local hardware store. If you’re keeping your living room TV on a chair, for example, now’s a good time to get yourself a proper TV stand. There’s lots of really fancy options with cubbies and wire holes, though if that’s a little outside of your price range, you can opt for something simple made of particle board. It’s not as sturdy as real wood, of course, but it’s functional and comes in lots of colors.

Credit: DIY Network

If you’d like an idea for a project, here’s one: a computer desk. If you don’t have a proper desk to work from home at, you ought to get one, along with a proper desk chair. It beats working at the kitchen table. I bought a new desk a few months ago, and while assembling it was a bit of an undertaking, I have to say, I can’t even imagine my office without it. Again, wood, plastic, or metal is your best choice, or better yet, a combination of the three.