Colorful And Rare Plants Are A Hit For 2020

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Turn your home into an oasis and feast your eyes on all that greenery

It’s not the most common knowledge, but just like with everything else, there are trends among plants. An app Growlt has a trend report for 2020, and it’s quite amusing. Speaking of this app, if you love anything related to plants, gardens, and want to connect with people who share your interests, download it now.

Our primary focuses today are colorful, as well as rare houseplants because they are a growing trend. Certain plants like monsteras and split-leaf philodendrons are safe: their popularity didn’t decline, but we are going to enjoy crotons, Chinese evergreens, and stromanthe. Their colorful, exciting, unusual leaves are going to make any room look cozier and more stylish.

When it comes to home décor, the rise of houseplants comes with many benefits. Plants are now focal points, not just air purifiers in the background. Pair houseplants with natural textures and materials to create a peaceful, loving environment for your enjoyment.

Since one of the biggest décor trends includes the return of gentle, feminine colors, as well as classic blue, creating a charming home with beautiful plants is going to look amazing. If you have pets, make sure to check out if your favorite plant is potentially harmful. Other than that, it’s okay to turn your living room into a small, yet mighty gardenlike space.

Last year, one of the most interesting trends was the rise in wellness. Status symbols were no longer fancy designer bags, but education and nutrition, as well as regular exercise. This year, we are going a step further. Houseplants have become collectibles, so the more uncommon and hard-to-come-by, the better. A prime example is Monstera deliciosa albo-variegata, which is small, hard to find, and yet it costs from 200 dollars.

According to predictions, houseplant communities are only getting more popular. From Facebook to real-life contact, it’s safe to say that plant lovers are going to have their time to shine. Community plant swaps, workshops at public gardens or garden centers, or even a meet-and-greet which will give a fresh inspiration, and perhaps a few new like-minded friends, it’s all happening now. Check out social media, free apps to find out where is the next gathering of plant lovers near you.