Swap it Out, Spice it Up

Credit: Unsplash

Interchangeable parts means endless possibilities.

One of my favorite words in the English language is “customize.” I love mixing and matching composite parts on something to create something that is truly and uniquely mine. Of course, this is a little harder to do in terms of home decor, since A: most furniture and installations don’t really do modular parts and B: it can be really, really expensive. There are a few typical home staples, however, that you can swap up as the mood strikes you without dropping a giant sack of cash.

Feel like remodeling the kitchen, but you’re not sure how a particular color or design will look? Start simple with the doors on the cabinet. Cabinet doors are usually held only by a hinge and some screws, something you can easily detach with a screwdriver and a few minutes. Take the old doors off, attach some new ones, and give them some proper admiration. If it looks good, great, job’s already done. If it looks bad, no problem, just take the new ones off and screw the old ones back on. You can also take this approach with larger installations like your front door or your garage door, though obviously that will take a few extra tools and more time.

Credit: Haitral/Amazon

Light is another interesting avenue of customization. Say you’ve grown tired of your old table lamp. Don’t just chuck the whole thing, though, mix and match! Try a new lampshade to change how the light spreads or how bright or dim it is. Move it around the room; try lower or higher elevations to create mood lighting. If you’re feeling especially whimsical, try colored or effects bulbs. There’s no rule that says rainbow or blacklight bulbs are only for New Year’s Eve.