Got Four Bucks? You Can Make Wallpaper

Credit: Unsplash

A little ingenuity is all you need for a new look.

If there’s one lesson I’ve taken well and truly to heart, it’s be careful what you stick to your walls. Like stickers, for instance. Never, ever put stickers on a wall, because they will never come off completely. Learned that one the hard way when I was ten, and my mom still won’t let me forget it. The one thing you can safely put on your wall, though, is tape, since tape’s entire shtick is that it can secure something in place while still being easy to remove. If you’ve got $4 lying around for a roll of electrical tape, you can make some cool designs on your walls.

TikTok user gabbydancerwoodle had $4 she wasn’t using, so she put it to use creating a really cool arrow pattern on her walls. All it took was a roll of black vinyl electrical tape, some tracing, and some time. She drew out a pattern, cut out strips of tape to match it, and taped them to the wall at an angle to create arrows. Boom, done. Electrical tape sticks firmly to just about any solid surface, and if you get tired of your DIY pattern, you can peel it right off without any damage to the wall. Plus, electrical tape comes in lots of colors besides black, like red, blue, green, and yellow. You can try this design with a different color, or if you’re feeling really creative, mix-and-match different color strips to create a rainbow of arrows.