Time to Clean Up That Bedroom

Credit: Unsplash

Humankind was not made to live in filth.

When I was little, I had no sense of spatial cleanliness. Clothes on the floor, toys on the floor, bookbag contents spread haphazardly across the desk. It was a disaster area; don’t even get me started on my closet. I was always losing things and stepping on things, and eventually, I realized that that’s no way to live. So one day, I went on a titanic cleaning crusade, and when it was over, by gum, you could actually see the floor. Nowadays, I relish a clean room, and if you clicked on this, I’m guessing you do too. If you need some help to get started, though, here’s an easy step-by-step for a cleaning crusade of your own.

First, pick up and organize your clothes. Don’t just stuff things randomly into drawers and wardrobes, make a system. Short-sleeves in one drawer, long-sleeves in another, and so on. And if you have trouble closing a drawer all the way, that’s probably a good sign you own too many clothes. Or you need a bigger dresser. Either or.

Secondly, utilize underutilized space. Under the bed, for instance, is a great place to store large tubs, cubbies, shoe racks, and other assorted containers. Just don’t leave everything in a big pile under there, or it’ll grow claws. You should also designate a space for something you take with you often like a bookbag or purse. A corner near your door or on a little stand would be ideal.

Finally, cleanup. Once everything is put away, it’s time to get out the tools. Your weapons of choice should be a vacuum and a duster. Dust accumulates on just about any hard surface, so give any shelves, stands, tables, and windowsills a good dusting. Don’t just use a towel, that’ll only kick the dust up. As for the floor, a vacuum will work whether you have a hard floor or a carpet. If you have a throw rug and it’s accumulated some crud, you might want to throw it in the washer for a quick solo spin. You probably won’t need to mop or anything, provided, of course, you haven’t spilled anything sticky. A quick spray of cleaning solution and a few paper towels should suffice for your typical hard floor.