Decor Trends Staler Than Old Bread

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Gonna be a while before these reach “retro” status.

Fads are cyclical; something starts out new, then it becomes old, then it becomes tacky, then it becomes retro, and then the cycle starts over. Every category of home decor has its place in the cycle. What was cool and interesting twenty years ago is now passe and overplayed. We all have at least one element of our decor that we don’t want to part with, no matter how stale it gets, but if you want to keep up with the neighbors, you might need to reconsider a few things.

Granite overload

Granite looks nice in a kitchen; gives everything a slick, yet earthy tone. A kitchen covered wall-to-wall in granite paneling, however, ceases to be a kitchen and starts being a really smooth cave. Caves are for bears, not people, especially because all that stone makes things really cold. Bears can sleep through the cold. We can’t.


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Unless you live in a garage (which you might, not judging), you shouldn’t have a bunch of exposed metal and light bulbs everywhere. All that metal attracts dust and rust, and those light bulbs can be a fire hazard if there’s too many.


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Bold colors are actually making a comeback, but only in darker colors. Unless you’re deliberately going for an old-timey look, a bright red boxy refrigerator is nothing but a noisy eyesore. The same goes for any other brightly colored appliance.

Open shelves

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Open shelving is good for organizational purposes, but they’re best kept to only one or two. If you have nothing but open shelving to store everything in your kitchen, it’ll be like having the entire room under a perpetual X-ray. Nobody needs to see all of the inner guts of your kitchen.

Hollywood lights

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Hollywood-style lights only really work in one part of a house, that being a vanity, and they’re usually a little too bright for that anyway. Also, on a personal note, they remind me of Blockbuster Video, and that makes me sad.