Try These Easy Home Adjustments from Bobby Berk

Credit: Unsplash

The Queer Eye design expert has some suggestions.

For the obvious reason, large-scale home renovation projects are currently off the table. I know, I know, you wanted to make your living room look like Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends, but the sheer amount of manpower necessary for such a task means it’s not happening any time soon. If you’re really desperate for a new look in your home, there are a few small changes you can make with relatively simple materials. And these aren’t coming from me, they’re coming from the lifestyle site of Mr. Bobby Berk, the interior design master of Queer Eye. If anyone in the world has good taste, it’s that guy.

Accent Walls

Berk says accent walls are most definitely still in vogue on the condition that you only use bold patterns. Hey, you know what they say, go bold or go home. Some peel-and-stick wallpaper in the bedroom or on the rise of your stairs will really make things pop.

New Sheets

Your bed sheets are one of the only parts of your bedroom that you actually have an excuse to change on a regular basis. Throw one set in the wash, put on another. Instead of solid colors, try sheets with interesting and whimsical patterns. It’s like the Disney sheets you had when you were a kid, but less silly.

Wall Art

Empty, white walls are depressing. It makes a room feel less like a room and more like a box. Don’t live in a box, give that wall some life! Simple, inexpensive wall art can be purchased at pretty much any department store. Fruit, animals, scenery, or even simple patterns can help you inject a little of your personality into a drab room.

Bathroom Floors

Bathroom floors are often drab by design. Tiles are usually simple, solid colors, because, well, it’s a bathroom. If there are two rooms in a home where something weird and stain-worthy is going to occur, it’s a kitchen and a bathroom. Still, even if you have to keep it simple, that’s no reason to let your bathroom floor be boring. Get some paint designed for tile or ceramics and just go to town. Make a pattern of your own, or draw something that speaks to you. Just make sure you won’t need to go in there for a while, ’cause it’ll need time to dry.

Go Retro

When in doubt, bust out the classics. A mix of modern and retro decor can create a fascinating dichotomy in any room. Just remember that old knick-knacks aren’t always up to modern standards. Decoration is fine, but don’t turn the whole room into decades-old snapshot, or you may find it a lot less convenient to live in.