Etsy’s Top Home Decor Trends

Credit: Unsplash

Creativity in motion.

For years now, Etsy has been the premier online home of hand-crafters, decor artists, sewing experts, and more. A friend of mine got a really cute hat with bear ears on it from Etsy once, and she still wears it. In addition to hosting scores of creatives, Etsy also keeps its finger on the pulse of the DIY home decor scene.

“This year’s decor trends are all about adding personality and comfort into your home,” according to Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy. “From burl wood furniture to resin accents, these trends celebrate the beauty of individuality and allow shoppers to infuse their own character and values into their decor.”

At the top of the page here, you’ll see an example of one of their recommendations: retro sunset printable wall art. With a 70s-reminiscent shade of sunset orange, this simple image adds a splash of warm color and nature to any room.

Homemade living room paraphernalia is in as well, with ideas like agate coasters and bowls hand-made from burl wood. The resin that agate coasters are made of comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing them to mesh with any aesthetic, a burl wood bowl adds a rustic, homey touch to the coffee table.

Environmentally-conscious fabrics have rocketed up in popularity. Hemp and organic cotton are soft, fluffy, and best of all, eco-friendly. Organic textiles are better for the planet, and besides everything, look lovely on the couch or on your bed.