Velvet, Geometry, And Other Interior Design Trends For 2020

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It’s time to update your home with these fresh trends

A new year means a fresh start, so if you had any thoughts about remodeling or redecorating your home, here are some trendy ideas. Use trends as guidelines, but don’t do anything final unless it feels right. Now, let’s see what’s hot and how to implement it into our homes.

Velvet is still going strong. While it’s not everyone’s taste, it gives away luxurious vibes, especially in vibrant colors, like classic blue or emerald green. The opportunities for velvet furniture in 2020 are endless, but our top pick would be a velvet sofa.

Similarly to velvet, geometric prints aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Both velvet and geometry look modern, yet they give off strange, eclectic vintage vibes. Use geometric prints for throws, maybe bathroom floor tiles, or be bold and use wallpaper for one wall in your living room. It’s important not to pick the ones that look too busy. They are distracting and not easy on the eyes.

Canopy beds are in, and they are one of the best investments, not just for better sleep. Give your bedroom a makeover with a vibrant and comfy canopy bed, but there’s one condition: if your bedroom is small, the bed will look too massive and bulky.

Recycling and caring about the planet is one of the hottest issues, and we saw its impacts on fashion trends, and it’s present in interior design as well. Biophilia incorporates human design and natural elements while promoting a clean, environmentally friendly home. So, recycle wooden components to create something new while helping the environment.

Going back to black and white trend is always a good idea. It will do wonders for your old kitchen or living room. It’s more than a trend, but it’s especially interesting to see it in contrast to feminine colors and trendy return to nature.

Silver, gold, tin, and copper metallic accents are once again a massive part of trendy home décor. Don’t mix more than three metals in one space and stick to the rules from interior designers: Silver and brown metals do go together, as well as iron and gold or bronze.

It’s hard to say that minimalism is out since it’s a whole lifestyle, a philosophy. Instead, let’s say that maximalism is back. The best way to incorporate elements of this trend is to choose lively, bright colors and give your walls abstract paintings.