Feng-Shui Rules For Cactus Lovers

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One of the trickiest plants to keep, according to the ancient philosophy

Cactus plants are low maintenance, and some have such gorgeous flowers, so it makes perfect sense that you want to have them in your home. There are many stories about bad Feng Shui and cactuses. The truth is that it all goes down to the placement of the plant.

The issues with cactus, just like with roses, are the thorns. According to Feng Shui philosophy, spines look like arrows, interrupting the energy flow. That’s why it is crucial to keep them away from the bedroom or living room since a cactus can disrupt relaxation. It’s also a bad sign to keep them in the kitchen because you want your dishes to be tasty. And placing a cactus in the kitchen would likely spoil the taste as they emit negative energy, which could shift onto the meals that you are preparing and eventually to the people consuming the meal.

Your home’s entrance should be free of any disturbances, including the clutter and cactus plants. This area should be welcoming the positive energy into your home, and you don’t need a plant with thorns. Even though a cactus is scientifically capable of absorbing radiation, placing it in the office can cause conflicts.

There’s no place for your favorite place in your bedroom, hallway, the office, so where’s the proper location? Well, Feng Shui is very specific when it comes to a cactus: place it on the ledge of the terrace for protection purposes. You can also set it by the window, to protect yourself from unappealing views or surround cactus with large round leaves of other house plants.

Cacti are associated with wealth, so if you do want to keep them in your office, hide them behind a monitor. As long as the spikes aren’t able to harm you, a cactus is a cheap and beautiful decoration. However, if you do enjoy good healthy Feng Shui, and you don’t want to give up your cactus love, place the plants in an oval glass container. It will look like an art piece, and you won’t have to worry about the thorns!