Finding The Best Sources Of Vitamin D

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Sunshine isn’t an option, especially during winters, so can certain foods help us get this powerful vitamin? Let’s find out!

Finding vitamin D in food is not an easy task. We need it for calcium absorption, a stronger immune system, and bone growth. Since sunbathing isn’t the best option (or any option during winters), we are doing our best to implement vitamin D rich foods into our diets. Remember to check your vitamin D levels at least once a year, and don’t take supplements without consulting your doctor. Now, let’s go into the tasty world of health-improving foods!

USDA Food Composition Databases claims that cheese your go-to food for improving vitamin D. Ricotta has the highest content, at 25 IU. Still, Swiss is also a good option with 6 IU.

A vegan option, tofu, is packed with proteins and contains 120 IU of vitamin D per half block. Since it is low carb, you won’t have to worry about gaining weight, while snacking on the delicious tofu.

A cup of almond or soy milk gives over 100 IU of vitamin D to your body. This is a quarter of what you need per day! If you don’t like the taste, use it for baking, or mix it with oatmeal, cereals, and add berries. Yummy and so healthy!

Speaking of oatmeal, it’s another superfood and for a good reason. It’s has a decent amount of Vitamin D, antioxidants, fibers, the list goes on. Similarly to cereals, another healthy food option, oatmeal breakfast is a perfect way to start the day.

Tiny sardines pack a powerful vitamin D source: each 3-ounce can contains about 240 IU of vitamin D.o

It’s clear that salmon is the best food the sea provided us with. Half of the salmon fillet contains as much as 815 IU. Yes, it’s pricer than meat, but the health benefits are countless, so make sure to introduce salmon into your diet at least once a week.

The less expensive option for seafood lovers is tuna. A can contains approximately 154 IU of vitamin D, and you can make delicious salads. Just add green veggies, nuts, and you have the perfect snack.

We are still obsessing over seafood: swordfish contains 142 percent of your daily vitamin D value. We aren’t talking about the whole fish; just a few ounces can satisfy your body’s need for this almighty vitamin.

Freshly squeezed orange juice contains around 137 IU of vitamin D, and that’s just in one cup! Even store-bought options are not a bad idea, as long as they are labeled as natural.