Fat-Burning Foods That Will Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Some choices are obvious, the others are surprisingly delicious

Losing that extra few pounds from the holiday season is harder than it seems. Not because we are lazy, but because January doesn’t give us a lot of options regarding outdoor exercises. Since we know that 80 percent of weight loss is about food and the other 20 considers physical activities, we are here to jump-start our metabolisms with foods. So, let’s go!

Berries are packed with fiber, sweet, yet they aren’t as sugary as other fruits. They are a great snack and you can make breakfast with chia seeds and coconut milk or add them to the original greek yogurt, which is also a probiotic.

Avocado-lovers are in luck: the fruit is packed with monounsaturated fats, suggesting you’re less likely to snack unhealthy foods later in the day. At least that’s what the scientist said back in 2013.

Salmon is one of the healthiest foods in the world. With omega-3 fatty acids and a low glycemic index, you cannot overeat it. Plus, it’s tasty, and it has specific antiaging properties.

It’s important to have blood sugar in check, in order not to have sugar crush. Grapefruit is a fantastic solution since it’s burning fats and use insulin more efficiently.

Quinoa is a pleasant alternative to acid-forming cereals such as wheat and barley. It gives us long-lasting energy and feeds on the good bacteria that prevent bloating.

Kale is an alkaline food, high in fiber and prevents insulin spikes. Iron and magnesium are helping us to stay calmer and more relaxed. What more could you ask?

Green tea supports the thyroid’s function and promotes longevity. Try switching at least one cup of coffee, to revive your metabolism and prevent the sugar crush.

Perfect breakfast does exist: boil an egg or two, and you will get enough energy and lose belly fat.

We are going wild over bananas! Packed with potassium, they help the body to regulate minerals and fluids in and out of the cells and may potentially increase basal metabolism.

Olive oil isn’t your only option for healthier living. Coconut and palm oils proved that they could fasten up the metabolism and burn fat.