Designer’s Secrets For More Serene Home

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Your interior design may reflect on your mood

Home shouldn’t be your only happy place, but it is supposed to be a place for family gatherings, relaxing and recharging. Your home, big or small, represents you and your lifestyle. There are simple, yet powerful design tips to make any space warmer, friendlier, and more relaxing.

Choose the things you love

Of course, you need a bed, a sofa, a kitchen table, but as they say, the devil’s in the details. Put on family photos you love on display, hand your child’s drawings on some particular place, use every possible aspect, from houseplants to artwork, to express yourself.


While many of us think we might need this or that, over time, those same things are starting to make us feel anxious. Sale, give to the charity all the items you no longer find useful. From your clothing items to the books and furniture pieces. Let the energy flow, and try to declutter at least once a year to keep those good vibes.

Go green

Fill the space you call home with houseplants. Sneak in greenery wherever you can, from the dining room to the bathroom. Be sure to treat your plants gently, because it stimulates compassion.

Let the light in

Nothing beats natural light, even during gloomy days. Hang a mirror opposite a window to reflect the rays around the room. Don’t use drapes unless it’s a necessity.

Focus on your bedroom

Many people don’t care enough for the bedroom since not many people get to see it. However, it’s a place where you sleep, recharge, so make sure it’s always neat, open the windows at least once per day to get that fresh air, and don’t overheat it during winters. The best temperature for a great night’s sleep is 60 to 67 degrees.

Happy smells

Light up your favorite candles to create a soothing scent in every room. Pine, coconut, and especially lavender are relaxing, calming, and a great way to include the sense of smell into your home, not just in your kitchen.

Choose the paint you’ll love

A fresh coat of paint can be the biggest mood-changer in a room. Pick warmer shades of your favorite colors, gather your best friends, and make a painting party. It’s fun, exciting, and you’ll get the makeover your home deserves.