Decorate Your Home the Sustainable Way

Credit: Shutterstock

Make what you’ve got last.

The idea of throwing away furniture has always seemed kind of wonky to me. I mean, obviously, you have to dump stuff sometimes if, I don’t know, it caught fire or the dog did his business all over it. But furniture is an important staple of your home, and if you swapping it out every couple of months, things are going to start getting weird and inconsistent. Instead of matching furniture with trends, you should try to make the stuff you have last as long as possible. It’s better for the environment, after all.

Here’s an example of sustainability for you: say your favorite chair gets a big old tear in it. That stinks, right? It looks ugly, and pests and crud can worm their way in there. What do you do? Chuck it and buy a brand new chair? No way. Aside from the fact that buying a brand new chair can be very pricey, that chair has sentimental value. I almost cried when my dad had to throw away the family’s favorite sofa lounger. Instead of buying a new chair, just get your current one reupholstered. It’s cheaper, more sustainable, and you don’t have to worry about re-matching your decor.

If you want to get a little extra planetary love in for your furniture, swap in eco-friendly materials. Decorate with throw pillows and blankets made with natural fibers and dyes. There’s even organic paint if you want to go full-throttle on this.


If you absolutely have to buy new furniture, try to go secondhand instead of showroom quality. Secondhand stores have all sorts of cool pieces that you might not be able to find in stores anymore. Sure, maybe old stuff isn’t the most trendy, but the furniture you decorate your home with should be more about what you personally enjoy, rather than what’s trendy. If you want to put up a leg lamp like the one from A Christmas Story, I salute you.