The Best Houseplant For Each Zodiac Sign


Apparently, your date of birth knows which plants suits you the most

Astrology might be influencing your houseplants more than you ever imagined. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not; the only way to prove this theory is to test it. And there’s no other way to do so than to pick up the plant which is awarded to your sign. And see what happens. Of course, you’ll have to get at least one more plant, just to make a comparison. Either way, caring about plants is beneficial for you and the space you live in, so why not have some fun with it?

Aries: Succulent

Aries should look for vibrant, colorful plants that help feed their feisty nature. Succulent plants are thick, fleshy, and come in beautiful shades of green, as well as all colors of the rainbow.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig

The bull represents Taurus. People born in this sign are reliable and stubborn, and they need to add a little extra grounding and money luck. Try growing fiddle leaf fig; maybe it’s an answer to all your problems.

Gemini: Philodendron

Geminis are a bit flighty, curious, and creative. A philodendron’s shared feeling of flexibility and openness make it a great companion for a Gemini. This plant also mirrors a Gemini’s social nature and desire to explore new ideas.

Cancer: Money Tree

Cancers are family-oriented and find pleasure in a happy home. A superb money tree is an excellent choice for Cancers because of its deep roots and the lavish amounts of positive energy it emits.

Leo: Bromeliad

Their charm attracts people to them, and their bursting amount of self-confidence heightens their attractive physical appearance. Leo’s overall warmth and happiness are apparent signs that bromeliads are the plant for them.

Virgo: Rubber Tree

Virgos are people you can rely on for support in all forms and to achieve the highest quality work. Their conservativeness and determined work ethic all point to the rubber tree as this sign’s plant ally. Both Virgos and rubber trees are often misunderstood, which makes them perfect partners in crime.

Libra: Monstera

Libras live their lives with harmony and stability. Libra plant parents are interested in art and pretty things, so the monstera’s long history in art and the recent rise in popularity makes it the only option for this sign.

Scorpio: Dracaena

Scorpios always approach tasks with enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Their honest characters make Scorpios and dracaenas the same. One of the best parts of dracaenas is that they’ll tell you what they need. Scorpios are the few who will appreciate and value a dracaena’s directness.

Sagittarius: Alocasia

Sagittarius signs are free spirits and visionary wanderers. They’re incredibly bold and always willing to both try and discover new things. The exotic and unusual alocasia plant shares many characteristics with the curious Sagittarius. Alocasias’ heart-shaped leaves stand out next to more common house plants. Just like many Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Bonsai

Capricorns like to have control over different aspects of their lives. They thrive in rules and traditions. All of these qualities combined make Capricorns the best parents for bonsais. Caring for bonsai is now seen as a form of art, where people donate lots of time favoring their bonsai. That kind of discipline can only be seen with Capricorns.

Aquarius: Pothos

Aquarius is compassionate at heart and aims to make the world a better place. They are unconventional and dislike any limitations that control their dreams. This openminded personality combo makes the pothos a perfect pair for this sign. It’s no surprise that the Aquarian’s perfect plant is also an air-purifying plant that makes it easier for others to breathe.

Pisces: ZZ Plant

A Pisces can be your biggest comforter due to their consistent sense of compassion. This makes a ZZ plant the perfect companion for a Pisces. Pisces will give ZZ plants the best care since they recognize and appreciate the plant’s gentle and sophisticated nature.