Trendiest Furniture Pieces Are All About Sustainability

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Get in touch with nature and refresh your home

It doesn’t matter where you look at: sustainability is the key element in every aspect of our lives. If you are looking for some investment piece, or you need a new piece of furniture, prepare to be amazed by the leading trends for your home.

The previous decade was very much about Scandinavian style and minimalism. Now, we are going back to the busiest yet warmer and friendly interior design pieces. Natural and organic materials, focus on sustainability and waste-reduction, are opening up some new horizons. From concrete to bamboo, furniture designers are creating clashing and unique looks for each room of your house.

Cold Scandinavia is replaced by Italy and France, as well as 80s inspired furniture is going to make your home a much prettier place. Curved sofas, sculptural statement pieces, and organic boucle, boiled wool, are having a moment. The big comeback of traditional lines is also present in decorative accessories. Mid-century style drawer or grandma’s lamp is here to create an appealing contrast to the previous, minimalistic approach to interior design.

Large organic mirrors and lightning are becoming increasingly important. Place a mirror opposite a window to get more natural light into any room. Mirrors are replacing art pieces, getting more extensive, and you can embellish the frames with plants.

Speaking of plants, no home should be without small greenery. It’s there to connect us with nature even further, bring more color into our lives, and you can also use large houseplants as statement pieces.

Custom designs are pricey, but you get a timeless furniture piece that will bring out your sense of style. It goes hand in hand with sustainability and the growing trend of buying less, but being more conscious, mindful about it.