Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Paint

(Photo Credit; Matthieu Salvaing for WSJ. Magazine)

It’s just as important as choosing the color for your space!

Back in the good old days, people had fewer choices. So, instead of choosing the right color, texture, and type of paint, it was a simple decision: will the walls be white, offwhite or something daring, like light pink. Well, those days are long gone, so let’s dive into the world of paint, which is extremely important, based on what you want to achieve in a selected area.

The type of paint you use is just as significant as the color and can have a considerable effect on the character of your room. Water-based paints are the most popular since they are easy to use. They have low levels of toxic emissions, you can clean them up with water, and there’s no need for pre-treatment. The colors don’t fade quickly, and they have good leveling qualities for a smooth finish.

Oil-based paint can be used on nearly all surfaces. These paints have durability and luxurious finish, attractive gloss, but unlike water paints, you cannot simply clean it with water. You need special solvents, and the paint emits strong fumes.

There is matte, eggshell, and satin paint, and Semi-gloss and gloss paint for finishing touches. Each of these paints has its advantages. Choosing the perfect finish is about turning a space into the room you always wanted.

Semi-gloss and gloss paints are ideal for accent walls and bathrooms. They are easy to clean, last long, and have a reflective charm. These paints highlight everything, which is both good and bad since you don’t want to highlight the imperfections.

Eggshell and satin paints have certain reflectivity, and just like eggshell paints, they are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. They are easy to clean up, but the levels of glossiness are lower than on the eggshell paints.

Finally, the matte finish has a velvety texture, offers a great depth of color, which is perfect for living rooms, and bedrooms. However, these paints aren’t as easy to clean up. The only way to get the best out of various types of paint is to combine them. Additionally, you have to use the proper tools, so just choosing the color and the type isn’t enough.

Remember that a matte sheen gives you a calm and serene feeling, while glossy sheen is an energetic, and exciting. Darker and more vibrant colors have a naturally higher sheen, while every expert agrees that eggshell and satin look much more gracious in smaller spaces. No one said that decorating is easy; just look at all the paint-related decisions!