Low-Maintenance Houseplants You Cannot Kill


Certain plants are extraordinarily forgiving!

You can create beautiful greenery at your home, even if you aren’t the most loving plant parent. Houseplants can help you sleep, create a pleasant décor, and make any room feel cozier. Furthermore, plants purify the air, so if your only excuse is that you aren’t that good with keeping them alive, here are some that will put up with that kind of behavior.

Aloe vera has amazingly plump leaves that can also be used for medical purposes. It doesn’t require much; in fact, you can leave it without water for two weeks, even more. It thrives in rooms where the average temperature is around 70 degrees, and in a sunny spot.

Snake Plant, or popularly known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is nothing like a typical mother-in-law. This plant thrives on being ignored, unlike most of our relatives, and you can leave it without water during your vacation.

Pothos has stunning leaves, plus it grows fast, so in no time, your room will be flooded with greenery. This houseplant has an air-purifying quality that can absorb and remove toxins, and the only thing you should avoid is leaving it too long in the shade.

Spider plants do have that unusual looking charm, and that’s the main reason for their popularity. Another one is that these plants are low maintenance: they prefer lighter conditions and not overly moist soil.

English ivy requests cooler temperatures, from 50-70 degrees. Other than that, this stunning plant just likes to sit and look pretty. Water it only when the soil is dry.

Rubber tree enjoys being in medium to bright lighting conditions, and you don’t have to water it until the soil is dry. It can grow up to an 8-foot-tall tree, so it’s an ideal statement plant with shiny, glossy, thick leaves.

Low humidity and low light are ideal conditions for Peace Lily. Curving white blooms will look fantastic in any area of the house, especially in those not-so-attractive dark corners. It will give them a quick yet powerful makeover, and the chances of killing the plants are rather slim.

Heartleaf Philodendron is the ultimate plant for even the laziest or the most forgetful plant lovers. It thrives under any lighting conditions and doesn’t require constant watering. Leave it on a shelf and let the dark leaves flow down freely.