Time to Spruce Up for Spring

Credit: Rachel Whiting

Brighter shades for brighter times.

Spring is just about here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the sun is shining. It’s the time of year that makes you throw open the windows to let the fresh air and good vibes in. And also the bugs, but that’s what screened windows are for. As you let the good vibes in, you want to start replacing the more subdued palettes of winter with something a little more vibrant and alive. Here’s some ideas for you.

Floral Prints

Match those beautiful pastel flowers outside with some beautiful pastel flowers inside. Wallpaper and tablecloths featuring floral designs absolutely glow when struck by the midday sun. A tablecloth placed in view of a backyard garden would look especially stunning.

Multicolor Glass

Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Speaking of beautiful sunshine effects, some lines of rainbow-colored glass would look great on a living room shelf. Spring is the season of returning sunshine, after all, and what’s more light-inspired than the visible spectrum. You can get these relatively cheap at most knick-knack or antique stores, though it might take a bit of doing to assemble a whole set.


Credit: Scott Rickels

There’s something very seaside cottage-esque about a simple two-tone kitchen counter, if you’ll pardon the clumsy turn of phrase. Still, if you’re concerned about bright pastels on your cabinets looking a little heavy, a neutral contrast can help even things out and create a pleasant sky-like effect.


Credit: Michael Partenio

So floral prints are nice, of course, but you know what’s even better? Actual flowers. Place a floral centerpiece near or on top of your floral print stuff, and you’ve got a little garden right there in the kitchen or living room. You can actually create your own vases and holders for bouquets pretty easily. The one you see here was assembled entirely of sticks and twine (cleaned first, of course).