There’s No Place Like A Safe Home

(Photo Credit: Ring)

Simple hacks for safer living space

Home is a place where you should feel relaxed and safe. Even more than that, it’s a place where you create memories with loved ones, and where you keep all your memories. Here are some simple ways to make your living space even safer, so you can enjoy it even more:

Invest in motion-sensing lights or lights that have a timer to keep the outside of your house or an apartment well lit.

Close the blinds every night. You never know who might be watching, and it’s hard to sleep tight if there’s any chance your privacy isn’t protected.

Explore, and then install a home security system. This isn’t a small or cheap task, but it is a necessity. With so many security systems, you won’t just need money; you’ll need time to decide which one makes you feel the safest.

Be careful with social media. Don’t post photos from your vacation in real-time, or brag about your new art piece. Even if you have nothing valuable in your home, you have your family and your safety to think about. Don’t use geo-tag to let everyone know your exact address. And ask your friends not to share your details on their accounts as well.

Make your “in case of an emergency kit.” Apart from the first aid kit, you’ll need bottled water and cans of food. It can save your family in case a storm hits, and if not, at least you’re prepared. Sounds silly, but you never know, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your keys in one place, and always have clean stairs. This way, you can monitor any unusual activities while being prepared for the worst. Check out your cords and electric wires and outlets; the number of accidents, especially with young children, is scarily high.

Speaking of accidents, take a CPR course. It’s one of those things we should be learning in school since it can save a life. Someone might get a heart attack right in front of you, and with CPR, you can be their savior.

Bathrooms should have mats, both bellow the shower and on a dry place to step onto. You don’t want to slip up and hurt yourself. The showering related accidents are common, but they can be fatal, so avoid them by securing slip-resistant mats.

And finally, don’t forget to install fire-alarms in every room of your home. Have a family meeting, so that everyone knows how to behave in case of fire. Protecting and securing your home will make you feel like that living space is where your heart is.