Styling with Fresh Colors and Patterns

Credit: Decoist

Nothing revitalizes like a new palette.

When I was really little, my bedroom was painted a sort of tannish-green color. Not the most flattering shade, I admit, but it was my room, and I got used to it. As I got a little older, my parents expressed a desire to repaint my room. I was obstinate at first; it was my room, why did they want to change it? But after the painting was done, and my room became a bright sky blue, I had to admit, it was an improvement. The point I’m getting at here is that when your home starts feeling a little drab, a change in shade is a good way to reinvigorate everything.

If you’d like to go for something bold and fancy, try solid black and white. If you start with a bold black on the walls, and then accent it with streaks of white in the door frames and windows, or in the kind of furniture you use, you create a very post-modern, wealthy socialite vibe.

If you’d like something with a little more levity, try polka dots. While some consider polka dots a bit childish, you can’t deny they add a playful splash of color to any room. You don’t need to go wall-to-wall polka dots if you don’t want to. Add a throw pillow, blanket, or curtains for a modestly festive vibe.

Credit: The Everygirl

If you’re looking to go beyond solid colors, try some combination patterns. A combination of different patterns scattered across a room’s walls and furniture can create an interestingly surreal, almost living aesthetic. It’s never quite the same each time you look at it.