Moving In With the Least Hassle

Moving on up, moving on in.

Here’s a free piece of advice for you: when you’re moving to a new place, don’t try to do it by yourself. Call a friend, hire someone, just don’t do it alone. When I was moving into my current apartment, I tried to do the entire thing by myself, including lugging a brand new mattress up two flights of stairs. I was aching so much after that one thing, I could barely even form a coherent sentence. So yeah, if you want a stress-free moving process, recruit some help.

Credit: A-Z Movers

That aside, there are also lots of little things you can do to make a move a little easier. You know, things that don’t end with you giving birth to a bouncing baby hernia. For one thing, when you’re packing up for a move, you should keep the most important stuff separate from everything else. Prescription meds, toilet paper, important electronics; if it’s something you’re going to need easy access to during the rest of the moving process, you want to make sure you have it. Keep all that stuff in a sturdy plastic bin and move that over first and foremost.

If you’ve got fragile stuff like plates, but don’t want to throw down the cash for some bubble wrap, you can make a cushion for them with blankets or towels. Just wrap ’em up and lay them down on their sides (don’t stack them, that’s just asking for trouble). This has the added bonus of transporting your blankets or towels! It’s all in one place!

Credit: iStock/Morsa Images

Lastly, if you’re moving into a large house and have a lot of stuff, make sure to label your moving boxes based on what room they’re supposed to be in. If you just throw things in boxes at random, it’s going to be a massive chore to find the stuff you need in the proper order when you’re unpacking (on top of the massive chore that is unpacking in general).

Moving can be an exciting process. Just remember that it can be very physically intensive labor. Sometimes, a move can’t get done in a day, and that’s okay. Take it slow, and you can get it all done without hurting yourself. Then, when everything’s finished, you can safely collapse on your bed.