Making The Most Out Of The Small Living Space

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Small apartments offer so many possibilities

The cities are getting bigger, and the apartments are getting smaller. Small places come with certain benefits: paying less on rent and being able to enjoy a better location. Also, you’re saving on utilities, and you don’t have to spend as much cleaning. So, how to make the most of your small space? Here are some simple hacks you’ll find useful:

One thing is sure: keeping the old, useless things is bad Feng Shui, for mansions, and even a bigger nightmare for a tiny apartment. Decluttering is simple if you do it every six to eight months, plus you can get some extra money by selling the things you no longer find useful.

Pick tall furniture units to get the most out of any space. Tall and narrow pieces, combined with extra long curtains or draperies, will make the place appear larger, and you’ll use every available space to store all your possessions. On the tallest shelves, you can keep Christmas ornaments, old photos, anything that you love, but rarely use.

Instead of a massive, boxy sofa for the living room, covered in fabric, pick the one that has exposed legs. You can use this trick in the bedroom as well. Bigger items with exposed legs are perfect for a modest space. Get boxes to get extra storage space, or keep your pillows and blankets. The cute boxes, which you can make yourself, will add the place extra charm.

Make your home shine brighter with statement lights and mirrors. Placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel larger. The more light you give to your place, the bigger it will seem.

Multi-purpose furniture isn’t as pretty as some other pieces, but contemporary built-ins will save more space and give you even more storage. Instead of buying pieces that cannot fit into your apartment, use practical ones, avoid too many decorations, and use any extra space for plants. Greenery gives life to any space.

While open-concept is widely popular, it doesn’t work in smaller spaces. You don’t have to have walls; you can use various colors and rugs to create that separation. Give each of your tiny rooms a character, instead of creating a flow, that’s reserved for open-concept floors.