Turning To Tech For Houseplant Help

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Using smart technology to improve your gardening skills

Houseplants are getting more popular, and one of the biggest trends of 2020 is using technology to gain most out of them. Tech innovations are moving into our yards as well, making it easier to grow foods we love and enjoy the beautiful greenery.

Keeping plants alive is, naturally, the first thing anyone who loves plants wants to do. And now, we have self-watering plant pots that are ideal for a busy lifestyle, as well as your vacation days. Well-designed, WiFi-connected plant pots are continually monitoring and automatically water your houseplants. Additional apps can help you receive real-time notifications about the plant’s soil moisture, temperature, and light exposure.

If you’re looking for tasty growth options, there is an intelligent cultivation system, set-it-and-forget-it indoor garden. It comes complete with a built-in water tank and grows lamp that can provide users with a wide range of salads, veggies, herbs, and flowers.

If you want to grow a more substantial and diverse menu, there’s an indoor garden system that abstains from the need for soil completely. The fully hydroponic device features a climate-controlled growing chamber, automatic irrigation, and energy-efficient lighting. It is capable of growing fruits and vegetables, and users can control and keep tabs on their garden. You can track the progress of fruits and vegetables through an in-depth app experience.

Robots are real and helpful, especially if you want something playful yet healthy and beautiful. We’re talking about mobile plant pot, capable of seeking out the sun, finding shade when it gets too hot, and doing a little dance when it needs water. This adorable houseplant is also an exceptional gift to anyone who enjoys plants as much as you do.