Interesting Knick-Knacks You Can Get for Cheap

Credit: Mkono/Amazon

You don’t need to change the whole room to change a room.

As fun as completely redecorating your entire house is, sometimes you just don’t have the time, money, or both. It’s understandable; redecorating is a big undertaking. In those times, rather than completely upending your home’s theme, you should try adding a few cute accessories. A wall-hanger here, a colorful plant there; it takes a lot less than you might think to breathe new life into an old room. Here are a few choice selections you can get on Amazon for under fifty bucks.

Macrame Wall Art

These lovely pieces of macrame wall art are made of 100% cotton rope. When the sun shines in on a summer morning, that ivory coloring will light up like fresh bed linens. Really, the only downside is that they might make you too relaxed.

Succulent 12-Pack

Credit: Shop Succulents/Amazon

Plants are a great way to make a room feel a bit more natural, but big plants can be a bit more of an investment than one anticipates. Luckily, not only are succulents easy to care for, they come in all sorts of pretty pastel colors. Leave a few in every room for a little splash of color.

Bamboo Shower Mat

Credit: GOBAM/Amazon

Bath mats, while pretty and fluffy, can be pretty gross. If you forget to clean them (or sometimes, even if you do clean them), all sorts of germs can take up residence in them. Try a bamboo bath mat for something a little more hygienic and natural. It’s also one less thing to throw in the washer every week.

Bourina Throw Blanket

Credit: Bourina

Nothing says “I’m a couch, sit on me” like a lovely throw blanket. Really, any throw blanket is fine, based on your preferences of color and design, but this particular blanket has a lovely, textured design and comes in sixteen different colors.

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String

Credit: Twinkle Star/Amazon

There’s something very modern about a curtain of twinkling lights, isn’t there? Whether in your child’s bedroom, or over your back deck, this luminescent sheet will give any spot some real star power.