How To Feng Shui Your Entryway

(Photo Credit: Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)

An entrance into a happy and wealthy home according to the ancient art

When it comes to fulfilling Feng Shui requirements, there are some basic rules, but there are also very specific about each corner of your home. For a healthy and happy home, entryway represents the ultimate place where the energy of your place clashes with the outside world. And the first thing to look out for is the state of your door.

Doors are very important in ancient Chinese philosophy. They bring new opportunities into your life, as well as into your home. Make sure your door look presentable, if required, paint them, and fix any cracks or scratches. The lock should be easy to handle, and closing and opening your door should go smoothly. If you are Feng Shui believer, you can fix your door over one weekend, to make sure that the healthy energy always feels welcomed.

Crystals are like vitamins to your hallway. Place a massive piece of black tourmaline outside the front of your entryway to preserve the energy of your space as somebody come in and out. Use amethyst, which is known to be an energy purifier.

Speaking of purifiers, plants are a must-have into any doorway. Dead plants should be removed; instead, grow Chinese money plant, rubber plant, or fiddle leaf fig trees in lovely, decorative pots will create a peaceful environment as well as a welcoming feeling.

Try to have light sources at a difference of heights: a ceiling pendant and a lamp or a pair of sconces, for instance. To let natural light in, while preserving privacy, consider transparent roller blinds. Lightning in every room is essential, not just according to Feng Shui, but also many therapists believe that good lightning will improve your mood. Whenever possible, open your windows and let the sunlight shine in. It will regularly cleanse your room’s energy.

You don’t need to have a mirror facing the door because when energy accesses your house, it bounces off the mirror and runs back out. Place the mirror on a wall perpendicular to your door, build a small space where you will keep your keys, and add a miniature plant to purity the chi.

Decluttering is part of practicing self-love. Living in clutter can create anxiety, so having a place where you don’t have unnecessary items is a road to a happier and wealthier life. The entryway to your home is what sets the mood for the whole household. The clean and organized environment will provide a peaceful space to unwind in. And that’s exactly what home is all about!