How To Create Good Feng Shui For Your Bathroom

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The ancient philosophy thinks your bathroom is costing you more than you’ll ever find out!

When it comes to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, bathrooms have a terrible reputation. There are some small adjustments you can make to turn your bathroom into Feng Shui friendly space, and it all starts with understanding just how important this room is.

In Feng Shui, the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are three main spots in your house. Bathrooms do tend to leak energy, as well as quickly accumulate lower vibrations. That’s why good Feng Shui is a necessity in the bathroom. And the first thing to do is keep it clean and neat. The fewer items you have in your bathroom, the easier it is to keep it tidy and clean, so remove all the unnecessary things. It’s not storage, so declutter it as soon as you can. In case you need this space, invest in shelves, but make sure that everything is well organized.

Feng Shui isn’t about turning your home into a minimalistic paradise. Instead, it is all about the flow of energy, and we cannot have that without proper organization. Since the bathroom is a body-friendly place, you should choose relatable colors, such as white and light shades of beige and nude.

What to avoid color-wise? Black and blue, since these colors will only strengthen the energy that you want to keep under control. Avoiding red is understandable, as well, since it promotes aggression. Stick to natural and neutral, yet warm colors and your Feng Shui will get better.

One of the most important things is always to close the toilet lid and never leave your bathroom door open. Replace any torn curtains with new ones and keep the bathroom airy and treat this area as a Spa. Use essential oils, candles, air fresheners, always have fresh towels and make it one of the calmest rooms of the house. Why? Because, according to ancient philosophy, bathrooms are draining the energy and flushing away your wealth.

Basically, what you need to do is keep your bathroom happy. And it’s not as bad as it may seem, considering it’s one of the rooms Feng Shui doesn’t like very much. But, when you’re creating a spa-like feeling, it will benefit your body and mind.