Beautiful And Pet-Friendly Houseplants

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Don’t risk the life of your furry friend, grow these plants instead

Numerous types of houseplants can be hazardous for cats or dogs. Some plants cause stomach or skin problems, but they can also present dangerous life-threatening poisoning. That’s why we suggest plants that you can grow in your home or yard without worrying about harming your pets if they accidentally bite them.

1. Gloxinia

The multicolored bell-shaped plant often decorates the windows of the home and brings serenity to space. It is considered to be a delicate plant, but with proper care, it will be an actual home accessory and does not pose any danger to your fur buddies.

Gloxinia suits a place with a lot of light but protects it from direct sunlight as well as drafts. If you notice that the flower loses its shape and extends, the plant does not have enough light. If there is too much light, the leaves curl. Water the plant every three to four days with a water dispenser.

2. Green lily or Chlorophytum

The popular houseplant owes its attractiveness to the long green-yellowish leaves embellished with stripes. In addition to looking pretty, the green lily is thought to purify the air and increase its humidity. Only one plant is enough to clear ten squares of your home.

It does not require much care so that it can be grown by beginners of the plant world. Green lilies tolerate different temperatures, but it is best to maintain constant and moderate air temperature and keep them in a place that is not directly exposed to the sun.

3. African violet

African violet or Saintpaulia is a trendy flower that grows in homes because it blooms at any time of the year, and the flowering period can last up to ten months.

Although growing it is not so simple, with a little patience, it will reward you with beautiful flowers in purple-pink or white tones. Violet looks for a warm and bright place, as much fresh and humid air as possible, but make sure it is shielded from direct sunlight and drafts.

4. Orchid

If you love orchids, you can freely put them on your pet-safety list and decorate the interior with this stunning plant. Most orchids bloom once a year, but if you provide them with proper care, they may delight you with their flowering and another time.

5. Bromelia

This unusual plant has tiny and modest flowers, almost minimalistic. The plant has a poorly developed root, so it stores all the water it collects in its thick leaves that are lined up in a funnel shape.

Bromeliads grow in smaller pots and have to be regularly watered. The soil always has to be moist. Bromeliads should be in a warm and bright place, protected from direct sunlight.

6. Houseleek

The medicinal plant is very often grown in yards and homes because of its many beneficial features. It is recognizable by its thick, fleshy leaves full of water and star-shaped flowers. Houseleek requires little water, like a cactus, and if it is planted in the yard, it is not necessary to water it.