Classic Furniture Staples That Will Never Go Out of Style

Credit: Pottery Barn

Good taste is immortal.

Fads and trends are always coming and going; what’s popular now will be gauche in less than a year. It’s the nature of trend-based marketing, nothing wrong with it. But no matter how much the trendy tides go in and out, there are some decorations and furniture pieces that have weathered the test of time, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. A good idea is good for a little while. An amazing idea is amazing forever.

The Starburst Light

An art deco classic, the starburst light always looks amazing over the dining room table during a big meal. It looks especially stylish during the holiday seasons, at least if you get a gold coloration. If gold’s not your thing, though, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with different colors and prong-styles.

The Peacock Chair

Credit: Etsy

Nothing looks more important than someone sitting in a big chair. Fun fact, despite their popularity in the hippie years, peacock chairs actually date as far back as the Victorian era. How about that, it’s a big, comfortable chair and an interesting talking point.

The Wavy Wallpaper

Credit: Etsy

A wavy wallpaper is a great way to give a little panache to one or two rooms of your home, especially the kitchen or living room. Most name-brand wallpaper makers sadly don’t make these in bulk anymore, but you can find artists online that can craft all sorts of cool patterns to fit with your personal style.

The Shag Rug

Credit: 1stDibs

Let me clarify first that you probably don’t want to carpet your whole home wall-to-wall in shag. It’d be a nightmare to clean up. A small shag rug in your living room or bedroom, though, is a fun and flashy addition that won’t be nearly as annoying to care for. They’re really plush and comfy, too, so it’d give your feet something nice to stand on when you get out of bed or up from the couch.

The Gossip Bench

Credit: West Elm

The original purpose of the gossip bench was to provide a comfortable seat for you while you talked on the phone, which would be placed on the little stand. Obviously, in the days of smartphones and wireless handsets, nobody needs that anymore. Still, even if you don’t need it for phone-holding, a gossip seat makes a cute addition to a front hallway or bathroom, not to mention a practical place to sit for people to change shoes and whatnot.