Clashing Prints, Bad Lighting, and Other Common Interior Design Mistakes

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Tips on how to avoid them and make a place your home

Turning a house or an apartment into a home is a stressful job. Hiring a professional interior designer is a great, though, pricey idea. Since most people simply repeat the same mistakes, we are going to point them out and solve them now!

Painting comes before bringing in the furniture. But, it doesn’t mean you should choose the paint first. Pick the furniture that feels cozy and comfy and expresses your style. Not just for a living room. Find pieces you love for every room, and then you can choose paint. And before settling on the wall colors, give them a test. Paint one portion, wait until it’s dry, for at least one day. Then, you will be able to see what the color feels like.

Home is a place that perfectly reflects your lifestyle. It’s not something you just pick up in a magazine. Find what inspires you and then deal with reality. From budget to how old your children are, how many pets you have, do you work from home – these are all valid parts of your life. And home should represent you and your family — reason when it comes to choosing paint, furniture, décor, and plants. Once you set your eye on something, follow your heart.

If you are replacing old furniture or doing small repairs, think of the lightning. Does every room have three sources of light? If not, this one step might change the whole room. From chandeliers to various lamps, the lighting makes all the difference.

Just because your style is eclectic, doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t be as well. But be careful: there’s eclectic, and there’s overcrowded, busy look. Color blocking is impressive, but when you get to clashing prints, it might cause a headache. When it comes to home, less is more. Not everything has to be on display, and not everything has to be interesting or unusual. Mix minimalism and Scandinavian designs with bright décor and furniture pieces. Use one, not four accent walls.

Instead of living in the past, with a statement wall made of old photos, pick a few you love and place them on the bookshelf. Use the rest of the space for houseplants that will not just be there to look pretty: they are air purifiers, and a happy home is a healthy one.

The living room is commonly a room for entertaining guests. But the bedroom is your place for rest, a bathroom is a place where you can relax and rejuvenate, and the kitchen is for food preparation. Give them attention and love, because these rooms are crucial for your wellbeing.

The final step is something we will talk about in-depth – decluttering and cleaning. Keeping the clutter is unhealthy for your home and your mind. Can you have a clean house with so many random, unnecessary things? Don’t wait for the big spring cleaning, start now.