Cheap Upgrades For Your Small Bathroom

(Photo Credit: Susie Lowe)

This DIY project costs little, but you can create big changes!

The bathrooms are the second most expensive room in the house to renovate after the kitchens. By upgrading small details, you can swiftly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking the budget. Here are our favorite affordable bathrooms renovating ideas for improving your favorite place in the house to unwind.

A few houseplants suited for the bathroom’s unique requirements will brighten the space with color and texture. Make a tiny garden, with plants that thrive in humidity, like spider-plant, bamboo, aloe vera, and peace lily. Having a little greenery will undoubtedly spice up your decor as well as help purify the air.

Get a hanger, if you already don’t have it. It will make your bathroom look less messy, and you’ll have a place for robes and personal towels. For guests, use a hand-towel ring right by the sink. And speaking of towels, get a few new ones, from organic cotton or linen, with unusual prints or in brighter colors, to give the space even more personality.

Similarly to giving a small makeover with towels, you can replace the curtains and your old rug. You can also remove the carpet and use wallpapers to hide the old floor. Just because you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a relaxing, bohemian space full of statement pieces.

Lightning is extremely important, so add dimmer for some sensuality and tranquility. Use sconces and overhead ceiling installations to have perfect lighting from various angles. And of course, there is always that statement-making chandelier over-the-tub look which is going to make your bathroom Instagram ready.

Bathrooms are always looking for upgrades, but if you want to invest in something, get extra storage. Get the top shelves installed and use them for all the necessities you don’t use every day. One of the most important things to having a presentable bathroom merely is keeping everything in its place.

To add more spark, get candles, which you can use during your home spa break. Replace plastic accessories with modern, natural fabrics, which will add texture to the room. Or, if you can’t afford, repaint the old ones in vivid colors and add feel free to even put some art statement pieces. One simple bath caddy can transform the room from just another bathroom to your favorite room in the house.