All-Mighty Classic Blue For Warm Home

(Photo Credit: Richard Powers)

Creating regal accents will make a room more aesthetically pleasing

Pantone’s colors of 2020 Classic Blue may be just what your home needs. It’s calming, warm, and represents late day’s sky or deepest oceans water. Will it fit into your home? Absolutely and here’s what you need to know to turn your space into a modern paradise.

Classic blue is easy to combine with all-natural shades, from brownish to rich, green tones. It also looks fantastic with orange, beige, and white, so you can start with small accents to notice how it feels having classic blue in your home. Or if you are up for it, paint one wall of your living room into this shade. You won’t regret it since it’s calming and relaxing, yet refreshing and exciting, especially in spaces with lots of whites and off-whites.

Classic blue, combined with another popular color, minty moss, is ideal for anyone who enjoys being near water or wants to have ocean-inspired space. However, there’s is a catch with classic blue and why you need to be careful not to start drowning in it. Pun, somewhat, intended.

Notice how we said you could paint one wall, not all living room walls in this specific shade. While you can use it to create elegant accents and beyond, too much of classic blue can cause feelings of melancholy and sadness. The expression feeling blue comes to mind, so to create a happy and healthy home, make sure not to get overboard with blue, as well as red, yellow, or any other warm color.

So what do we suggest? You can get a new carpet in classic blue, add it to the kitchen with some modern and classy china, or take an old armchair and give it a makeover with velvet in this shade. It’s all about balance, and since this color is associated with royalty as well, it will give your home a regal touch.

Yes, this is a color for 2020, but it also symbolizes the future and calmness if you don’t abuse its powers, so it will be just as trendy in a few years as it is now.