The Return Of Statement Womb Chair

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If you want to invest, this piece might be just what you needed

Furniture pieces and fashion have a tight relationship. The significant return of teddy coats brought back an interior design icon, known as Womb Chair. What makes it a classic, and why do we love it decades after it was first popular?

Back in the 1940s, Finnish-American designer Eero Saarinen got an interesting assignment. To create “a chair that is like a basket full of pillows… something I can really curl up in.” The customer was Florence Knoll, and she helped the designer create one of the most famous chairs in history.

Womb chair’s popularity relies on comfortability, as well as organic appearance. Saarinen wanted to create the chair out of a single piece of material. He achieved this by experimenting with new materials and methods drawn from the shipbuilding industry. The final result was a padded and upholstered fiberglass shell that sits on a polished chrome steel frame. It combined the simplicity of shape with absolute comfort and flexibility.

There are many variations, but the fact remains that this chair fits into any space and provides a perfect place to curl up with a good book or relax while watching your favorite movie. There’s no excessive padding, yet you get a cozy feeling, and that adds warmth to your home. The original chair goes from 4000 USD, but there are many similar options for less. Turn into a statement piece, by picking a hot red or deep green, to add more color into your living room. It’s ideal because it can fit into any style, just like the teddy coat we mentioned earlier.

We won’t get into why you should get an original Womb Chair, but as long as it’s made from quality fabrics, this is the piece that will last, and you can build your favorite spot in the house around it. The Fried Egg Chair, as well as Little Petra lounge chair, are among the pieces you need to see if you want to improve your living space and create a more calming atmosphere and step into the depths of interior design.