Is It Time For You To Get Smart Bed?

(Photo Source: hi interiors)

With everything getting smarter, here are the ups and downs of getting a smart bed as well!

After Smartphones, smart cars, and TVs, there is now smart furniture as well. An ultra-luxurious smart bed from furniture brand Hi-Interiors promises a better sleeping experience. The bed frame has its app, and it manages the built-in 4k projector, retractable 70-inch screen, so you get home cinema as well. The HiBed also tracks sleeping patterns, among other features. The bed also monitors the user’s movements and automatically adjusts the temperature according to his or her preferences.

HiBed is a work of Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella. The fact that, with all the extras, is made up of just a simple wooden frame and memory foam mattress, at first glance, makes it quite an ordinary bed. That is precisely what the creators of this wonder for the best dream wanted to achieve. Their goal was to combine the best of classic beds we know and, of course, new technologies, and in that, if you ask us, they certainly succeeded.

The first version of the smart bed came with a price of $40,300. Since it’s not exactly something you’d order from Amazon, the price varies. You can find it for less, but also some websites say that this bed is over 50,000. Did we expect it would cost less? Not really, it’s a piece of furniture straight from the Star Wars! The other downside is that we need to move more and lay around less. When your bed does everything except your laundry, will you even bother to get up?

Other companies are testing out similar products, so it’s safe to assume that 2020 will bring more intelligent furniture pieces. While it’s exciting, you have to wonder: what else does the near future has for us, and do we need all this pampering?