Iron-Rich Foods Are Surprisingly Yummy

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If your iron levels are low, there’s no need to eat steaks, when these foods are healthier and have even more of the precious mineral!

Iron plays a significant role in many physical functions, from helping to create the hemoglobin that transports oxygen through the body to playing a part in producing some of the body’s hormones. Ideally, women should get 18 mg of iron per day, while for men, it is recommended 8 mg. Here are some of the iron-rich foods, which are also delicious.

Potatoes have more iron than sweet potatoes. This might come as a surprise, but russet, red, and white ones have 3.2 mg, while sweet potato has 1.2 mg of iron per potato. However, this is no excuse to eat French fries, instead, opt for baked or boiled ones.

Is there anything almonds can’t solve? They are the perfect snack, with 5.3 mg of iron and 30 grams of protein in just one cup. Also, they are tasty, so you can add them to your breakfast or keep them at your desk, just in case you feel like you need some energy boost.

Popeye was right: spinach is the veggie for energy! With 6.4 mg of iron per cup, and almost zero calories (around 40, which doesn’t really count), spinach should be on everyone’s favorite veggies list!

A half-cup of black beans or chickpeas gives more iron than a 3-ounce serving of steak. Mix black beans, tuna, and just a tiny amount of mayo, and put this mixture on a tortilla. Instant lunch, tasty, healthy, and doesn’t require any cooking.

Mildly salted pumpkin seeds contain 2.1 mg of iron per cup. If you’re over all-mighty almonds, these seeds will make an excellent snack.

A cup of dried apricots, the perfect sweet treat when you’re feeling hungry, contain 3.5 mg of iron.

Finally, we got to the best treats of all: dark chocolate! You can get 12 mg of iron in just 100 grams. But this only counts if there’s at least 70 percent of cacao. You can also melt it and create delicious, flour-free muffins. It’s time to use your imagination because all these foods are yummy, and there’s no reason not to eat them every day!