Having Home Design Dilemmas? Let’s Solve Then Together!

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When to save and when to splurge

From easy fixes to more significant interior design dilemmas, we are here to help you revamp your home, small or large. How to find inspiration, your style, or to make a room look more elegant, it’s all here, and once you get started, we promise you’ll enjoy giving your home a fresh and exciting new look.

Every home should reflect the owner’s lifestyle. You cannot have a bachelor pad for a family of four, that’s a given. So, how do you find what suits your lifestyles and represents you and your family? You are going to love this part. Utilize movies, favorite music videos, magazines or Pinterest photos you liked, Instagram, using them as inspiration.

Once you find what you’re looking for, it’s time to face reality. What you need and what you want will overlap, and that’s where you can find the key to your authentic style.

Any home needs additional touch-ups from time to time. Creating a space of your dreams will take time. And since we are not who we were yesterday, you will want to add changes not because you need to, but because you want to. Creating a home is an ongoing process that reflects not only your current preferences but the past, present, and even your future self.

Getting new furniture can be quite expensive, plus the market is always full of trendy stuff most people don’t even like. Why not buy a used dining table with matching chairs and make a DIY project to paints these pieces to fit your home correctly It’s cheap, good for the environment and you can include your children. It’s bonding, while working, a perfect blend of work and pleasure.

Rugs are insanely expensive, and no one understands why. They should be clean and add a pop of color, but that’s it. Buying a cheap rug that you can wash in your washing machine makes sense because you’ll be saving a lot of money. Instead, splurge on sheets and blankets, basically on stuff for your bedroom, because we spend 30 percent of our time sleeping. A good mattress is useful on so many levels, yet we spend money on rugs, chandeliers, and other accessories.

Are you really using all the space you have? Get some boxes or make cabinets for the very top of your kitchen or living room shelves. Place things you need but rarely use in them, from seasonal decorations to tools or extra sets of dinner plates. Use every inch available to create more space for plants, paintings, anything that makes your home look cozier and more comfortable.

Draperies and curtains are your friends. They give home privacy and a sense of security. Not to mention that cleaning the windows is not the easiest among the chorus, and even the tiniest smudge can’t go unnoticed. So, when you’re entertaining guests, just close the curtains. They don’t have to be pricey; pick colors that match your color palette in the living room or dining room area.

Watch out for toxins in your home. From paint to cleaning products, everything is packed with poisonous chemicals. There are other options, from vegan paint to organic detergents, or DIY cleaning products. There are not enough plants in a room to clean up all the toxics we forget we use daily, so switch to more eco-friendly, healthier ones. They are better for children and pets, so this one is non-negotiable.