Got a Home Gym? Make it Fancy!

Credit: Sebring Design Build

Just because you’re sweating in it doesn’t mean it can’t be tasteful.

It’s cool having a gym to call your own. You can work out for as long as you want, play your favorite music, and there’s nobody there to judge you for wearing sweatpants. But as with any room in your home, a gym needs to be cared for. In addition to cleaning and upkeep, you need to decorate it in a very particular way; you want your gym’s vibe to be comfortable, to reflect the fact that it’s yours, but also motivational, so you keep working out. Here’s a few ideas to make your gym truly yours.


Do you know why most gyms and aerobic studios have mirrors on the walls? To check your form while exercising, right? Well, yes, that is true, but there’s a secondary reason: adding a mirror wall to your gym makes it feel much larger and more spacious. It’s much easier to exercise in a room that feels larger and less constricting.


Artwork is good for any room, but in a gym, you want it to be something motivational and eye-catching. A portrait of your favorite athlete, or a framed poster from your favorite sports movie would be good choices. Tell me it wouldn’t be incredibly motivating to be out of breath, and then look up and see the Rocky poster. I dare you.

Credit: Trifecta Nutrition


Plants will give your gym a little extra life and help round out any of the room’s rough edges. Larger plants can be used to draw attention away from bulkier equipment, and some of them can even improve a room’s air quality. You’re going to be inhaling and exhaling a lot while you work out; might as well get the cleanest air you can.


Some carpet tiles in the center of the room can help give it a little extra definition. They’re also good from a practical standpoint, as padding prevents annoying squeaking and scraping if you’re doing aerobic stuff. You’ll definitely want these if your gym is on the second floor of your house to dampen any noise you make.