Cyrus Cane Wallpapers Are Taking Over

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Even just one wall with these wallpapers can turn the room into a more welcoming, European influenced design heaven!

Our bodies and minds need to stay in touch with nature. The home interior should reflect that connection with nature, and Cyrus cane wallpapers are rightfully on the rise.

Dutch company NLXL, a luxury wallpaper firm, has released a Webbing collection that mimics textures from nature, such as reeds and rattan. Modern technologies were used in the production of the wallpaper. The ultra-detailed scan of the real cane was used as the basis, and as a result, wallpapers beg the question: “Is this the real thing or not?”. Since Cyrus cane wallpapers experienced a renaissance, it was only a matter of time before we got the option to coat the walls with the print. The introduction of such a texture into a room can transform it in seconds and transform a room from a simple one into an extraordinary warm space. In a way, by choosing an unusual pattern, you can make a more lively space.

The design gives the impression that the wall is more like a piece of furniture than decor. Print “square webbing” is an ideal solution for dining and living rooms. The bedrooms follow the principles of minimalism. It allows the reed to dominate, and the only detail you’ll need is a night lamp near the bed.

Here’s an idea of how to use these wallpapers and create an innovative and inspiring living room. Play with contrasts and braiding styles, add a vintage cabinet in pale pink, and the dining table in a slightly darker brown than the wallpaper. A massive and playful Panton Flowerpot chandelier will turn even space into a more welcoming and friendly place for gatherings, space where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Cyrus cane wallpaper is going to make your houseplants stand out, and another thing we love is that gives off bohemian vibes like you’re live near the seaside. It’s very European, with vintage qualities, so if you’re looking for a less than pricey way to make your walls stand out, pick these wallpapers for a statement wall. Add additional natural elements, and you’re going to enjoy the boost of creativity and a more relaxed approach to living.