Cost-Conscious Upscaling Ideas

Credit: Talissa Decor

You can get a first-class house without spending first-class money.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the budget handy to completely re-do your house. It is a sizable undertaking after all, and sizable undertakings require sizable amounts of money. Luckily, as with most things, there are a few shortcuts and compromises you can make to get that brand-new look you’re looking for without blowing your life savings.

Clearance and Closeouts

There are special stores, warehouses, and showrooms that are usually patronized by interior decorators. The stuff they sell there is intended for use in model homes, but more often than not, they’ll work just fine as regular furniture. On the rare instance one of these showrooms lets regular customers in, you can snag some really great looking stuff on clearance for surprisingly low prices.

Chalk Paint

If you feel like a room in your home or a piece of furniture is starting to look dull, you can give it a new coat of paint for a more lively look. If you’re looking for suggestions, try chalk paint. It’s cheaper than the regular stuff, plus it’s easier to apply.

Faux Tin

Tin installations are great for making you home look a little more polished, but genuine tin ain’t cheap. Luckily, most hardware stores sell faux tin tiles in all sorts of colors and patterns. If you like to rearrange or redecorate frequently, you can hang them up with velcro or command strips. When you get tired of them, just pull them right off.

Window Covers

If there’s a window in your home that’s a little too high up for a traditional cover, try an iron covering. Iron coverings can be molded to your window and carved into lovely, intricate patterns. If iron’s out of your price range, you can have an iron lookalike made from wood and resin that’ll do the job just as well.

Paint Brushes

It’s frustrating when you want to touch up the paint in your home, but your touch-up paint no longer matches with the walls. There’s actually a trick for this; instead of a paint brush, apply the touch-up paint with an old T-shirt to blend the colors.