Winter Flowering Plants For Your Garden

(Photo Credit: hsvrs/Getty Images)

Precious greenery and colorful flowers during the coldest months

While most of nature is taking a winter break, some flowers thrive in cold weather. We are talking about mild to warmer winters, but here are some of the most beautiful and colorful winter-flowering plants, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and trees.

Camellia stands 6 -12 feet high and comes in white, pink, rose, and red flowers. This evergreen beauty can keep the show going from winter to spring.

Common witch hazel blooms late in the fall, but several others will unexpectedly show their flowers during winter months. Bright, fragrant flowers bloom from late January in the south to mid-March in the north. Chinese witch hazel, Japanese witch hazel, and H. x intermedia will give your garden a touch of a winter wonderland with their yellow to red flowers.

Winter Daphne, as the name suggests, is a gorgeous winter shrub with the most beautiful scent. Aromatic Daphne grows about 4 feet tall and wide, and it’s a perfect addition to every garden.

The bright yellowish flowers appear on leafless stems in midwinter for an extended period. Twigs can grow up to 12 feet long, which is why it’s impossible not to love or notice winter Jasmine.

Christmas Rose blooms from early winter to early spring, depending on how cold the climate is. Treat it as a houseplant, and you’ll get gorgeous flowers just in time for the next holiday season.

Winter heath tolerates almost any temperature. White, pink, red, and purple bell-like flowers will find their way to make your backyard look like it came straight out of your dream. Just give it lean soil in a sunny location.

Early February is a time for Early Bulbs. Bright yellow flowers will fight the snow to remind you that the spring is on its way. There are several variations of these flowers, and each one is prettier than the next!