Glamping in the Backyard

Credit: To Life and To Love

I like my backyard better than the trail, anyway.

It’s pretty cool to live in an age where glamping is a thing. Some might argue that the entire point of camping is to rough it in the wilderness, but personally, I’d rather sleep somewhere within fifty feet of a clean bathroom. If you’ve got a big backyard and are longing to commune with nature, why not set up your own little glamping zone right there?

What does one need for a good glamping spot? First and foremost, a tent. I don’t know how many people just happen to have a full tent lying around, though, so in a pinch, just drape a few big blankets or towels over a clothesline. If you’ve got a backyard swingset, that’d be a good epicenter for the project.

Credit: Contadina’s Blog

Once you’ve got the tent set up, you need to make it comfy. Fill the inside with blankets, pillows, an air mattress, or whatever your fancy is. If you’re not using a tent with a bottom, though, remember to lay down a big sheet or picnic blanket. It’s harder to be comfy in the dirt. If you’re planning on sleeping out there, make sure you have a sleeping bag, or at least enough blankets to make a little cocoon for yourself.

After that, then it’s just a matter of fun stuff. Bring out the radio, a good book, a tablet with a stand; whatever your entertainment of choice is. Then just kick back, soak up the fresh air, and relax. Backyard glamping is a great family bonding activity, though you can also do it by yourself if you really want some private time out of the house.