Astonishing Plants For Your Loved Ones


Use these ideas for Valentine’s Day or for any other day when you want them to know how much you care!

Gifting flowers is never going out of style, but as we change and learn, so does our attitude towards plants. We are leaning more towards giving living houseplants since they last longer and come with other benefits as well. Sometimes they are just so cute and so perfect that we cannot think of a better gift. Here are our top picks for timeless romance:

Sweetheart hoya comes with thick, heart-shaped leaves! It’s a low maintenance plant, just place it in near the sunlight and water it twice a month. It’s the cutest plant ever, and a perfect decoration, in the form of hanging baskets.

Instead of a one-and-done vase of fresh blooms, you can express your love with String of Hearts. The String of Hearts is a semi-succulent plant, which means it is more tolerant of dry soil than wet soil. It’s adorable, and goes by the cutest names, like Rosary vine or chain of hearts, the collar of hearts, and hearts entangled.

Heart Leaf Fern looks like mystery and passion, mixed to form an exotic plant. Its dark green, heart-shaped leaves need plenty of humidity to look their best, so try misting it once a day or placing it in a room with a humidifier. Indirect light and moist soil will make this plant thrive in all its beauty!

Anthurium with intense red flowers will beat any bouquet of old roses in no time. Place the plant in a bright spot, water it when the soil is dry, and wait for the blooming time.

Flowering Cyclamen comes in various shades of pink, which, as you know, is just as good as any shade of red. The green-silver leaves make this plant look majestic, just place in a bright spot, but not in the direct sunlight and water it when the soil is dry.
Aside from the seductively sweet scent of its flowers, jasmine is also an aphrodisiac. Yes, the gorgeous plant with multiple benefits will spice up your love life.