Kitchen Ingredients Can Save Your Houseplants

(Photo Credit: Esteban Cortez)

Sometimes, our plants, just like our bodies, need more natural nutrients

If you notice that things are going south for your favorite houseplant, don’t despair. Instead, prepare to save her with kitchen ingredients, from sugar to citrus fruits.

These practical suggestions will help you grow the most beautiful flower garden on your window or in your living room. The secret of a vibrant indoor garden is simple: For plants to bloom even more wonderfully and lushly, they need to be well-nourished.

The vast majority of plants love sugar! Yes, they are similar to us, humans, in many ways, so what your plant might need is a sugary treat. Before watering, sprinkle the plants with 1 teaspoon of sugar in a pot, or water the plant with sweet water (1 teaspoon of sugar per 1 glass of water).

Ficus leaves can be cleaned with milk. It will add to the splendor and beauty of the plant. Milk, by the way, is beneficial for plants. Some housewives inject syringe milk directly into the plant tree.

Castor oil does wonder for plants as well. Add a spoon of this oil into the water and leave it for a few days. Then, pour it into a bottle and shake until the oil is basically dissolved. Then, sprinkle or pour over the plants. Please don’t overdo it; once a year is plenty enough for a houseplant.

There is a miraculous solution for the most hopeless flowers. All that is required for this solution is water and eggshells. Pour water over the eggshells, leaving it for 5-7 days at room temperature. From time to time, stir this unusual mixture. After, water the flowers and enjoy the magic.

You can water the plants with citrus’ mixtures, as well. Take pomegranate peels, or any citrus, and pour over the water. Leave it overnight. The nutrient solution for watering the plants is ready.