Bringing the Indoors Outdoors

Credit: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Who says you can’t relax on the couch and get some fresh air?

You ever notice how doing something outside that you would normally do inside instantly makes it at least 30% more stylish? It’s a fact, probably. If you live somewhere with a pleasant climate year-round and have the real estate for it, then I say bring your whole darn house outside! You don’t have to settle for some plastic benches and a dollar store campfire set, though; you can create stylish rooms where there’s all the room in the world. Or at least as much room as you have in your backyard.

Outdoor Living Room

Credit: MDD Homes

Nothing is guaranteed to make the neighbors jealous like a circle of comfy couches and a big-screen TV. Outdoor living rooms are great for small block parties and sporting events. Why have everyone getting rowdy and messy in the living room when they can make as much of a ruckus as they want outside? Within reason, of course; someone’s still gotta clean up after the party’s over.

Outdoor Kitchen

Credit: Frankel Building Group

If you’ve got an accomplished chef in the family, then you ought to give them a proper stage on which to practice their craft. An outdoor kitchen provides all of the amenities a modern chef could need, while also offering a great focal point for parties. And in the event something catches fire, you don’t need to worry about opening windows! I mean, there’s other things to worry about there, but not that at least.

Outdoor Dining Room

Credit: Shapiro/Didway

When someone says “outdoor dining table,” you probably think of a big picnic table, right? Bah, picnic tables are last season. You can create a beautiful dining room set, and you don’t even need a room to put it in. You don’t need any lighting fixtures overhead, either, since you’ve got the sun! Oh, and the fireplace is optional, but come on, tell me a dining room, indoor or outdoor, doesn’t look fancier with a cozy fire.