Achieving Serene Feng Shui Garden

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Let the good energy take over and create peaceful, calming energy

Good Feng Shui in your garden helps you attract nourishing, positive energy to your home as well. To create a feel-good garden design, keep in mind that the size of the garden doesn’t matter. Instead, all the focus goes on creating good energy flow, picking the right tools and colors.

Chi or god energy is one of the essential parts of ancient philosophy. Since nature rarely has straight lines, flowing shapes, and pathways are going to make your garden more beautiful and healthier. Bring good energy into your patio with a fountain with floating golden bells. Metal sculpture is an excellent protection for the north side of the garden. In creating a playground for your children, the west Feng Shui area is ideal, since it is connected to creativity and childlike energy.

Wind chimes are an excellent addition to any garden, as their gentle sound creates healing Feng Shui vibrations in the air.

In Feng Shui, colors bring harmony and joy to your garden through the power of five elements. For example, cool colors such as purples and white have a soothing effect, while hot colors like reds and bright yellows make your energy level rise. In Feng Shui, the yin colors are healing and relaxing. These colors include: blue, black, purple, and white. The yang colors represent the elements of wood and fire. They provide motivation, enthusiasm, and positive energy to get the job done, and orange and yellow are the most significant shades of the yang color scheme.

The ancient art of Feng Shui doesn’t do well with clutter. That’s why you need to remove all broken, useless items, as well as fallen tree branches, dried leaves, from your garden. Everything should have its place so that chi can flow without obstacles.

The final, but not the least important part, is Bagua or energy map of your home since your garden is home’s extension. Understand the balance between elements is not something you can learn overnight. Some examples include knowing that the northeast area of your garden is close to the energy of personal growth and self-cultivation. This is the place for earth element in your garden. It is also an excellent area for a fulfilling Zen garden with beautiful rock formations, for the earth Feng Shui element. If you are looking to add water to your garden, unique Feng Shui areas for water element energy are on the southeast. They represent money and abundance, while the east is health and family. The north gives positive light on career and life path. However, you will need to invest more time as your garden grow to discover how all the elements, colors, chi, work together for creating a place of growth, and not just for your plants.

Applying the teachings of Feng Shui to your garden design will give you a feeling of calm and well-being as you enjoy your extraordinary outdoor place. The more joyous energy you put into your garden, the more joyful and healing power garden will reflect you, as well as to your home.