Green Therapy – Gardening Can Help You Be Happier And Calmer

(Photo Credit: vgajicGetty Images)

Healing your mind while creating healthy foods and beautiful flowers

Gardening became extremely popular in the past decade. Mainly because people value what they eat now more than ever. Then, there are other benefits, so if you’re thinking about horticulture, you need to know that you’ll eventually become happier and calmer.

Just how much can gardening improve your well-being? Let’s say that there is such a thing as Horticultural therapy, and it combines gardening with social services to help their clients with physical and mental health issues. There’s a growing trend among stressed-out Japanese people, called forest bathing. Forest bathing is where people immerse themselves in the outdoors as a way to refresh, unwind, and boost concentration. Studies have shown that forest bathing makes people disconnect from disturbances and make them more mindful.

Being among plants, working with hands, and enjoying the food you created are among the top reasons why gardening is so beneficial. Green therapy is getting us closer to our authentical selves, by giving us what we missed for decades: more time with nature.

Similarly to knitting, or playing the piano, working on the plants will make you calmer. The fact that you are taking care of a living being since plants are alive, and that your health is benefiting from it, is am exceptional feeling. People who aren’t gardeners can see and experience these benefits, by helping, and becoming involved in the process of gardening.

Being outdoors, yes, even talking to plants, watching them through seasons, was nearly a lost art. Due to the rise of the wellness movement, there are more and more charities that allow you to become a member of a particular garden in your area. It’s a way of connecting people, while giving them what forgot they were missing: the green scenery.

It doesn’t matter if you chose horticulture as a hobby or something more. The important thing is that you are doing more than plating flowers or veggies. You are feeding your mind, as well.