Do You Want To Hear Your Houseplants?

(Photo Credit: Midi Sprout)

PlantWave is a device plant parents will adore

Are you interested in learning the sound of plants? We have found a gadget to help you hear from your green home band.
It’s a fact that greenery in the living space has a positive effect on mood. Plants also have a positive psychological impact on people, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and raise the spirit.

We know how plants affect their environment, but what about how the environment affects plants? Plants respond to music; it’s been proven in the mid-20th century. Sound has a positive effect on the plant’s metabolic processes and therefore promotes growth, helping them adapt to new climatic and geographical conditions, get rid of the pest, and compensate for the lack of sunlight. One of the advocates of plant-based music release is, believe it or not, Prince Charles himself, and his opinion is shared by the majority of all gardeners, as well as numerous experts in the field of horticulture.

However, the big question is: can plants also make music? Data Garden founders Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson asked this question and created a digital record label that came with hand-made prints that were bought with seeds for planting. Soon they began touring various fairs and exploring the possible connection between plants, music, and technology. Patitucci studied composing ambient, algorithmic music, and Tyson became interested in studies focused on the research of plant awareness. A few years later, PlantWave entered the scene – a device that transforms electrical impulses from your houseplants into sounds!

Specifically, with the help of electrodes that attach to the leaves of the plant, the device reads small differences in voltage, which are then recorded as a wave. The wave is then “translated” into a tone record; thus, the plants play on predetermined “instruments.” The result is an unusual, ambient melody that gives you insight into how your ficus or tree of life sounds.

You can buy this unusual instrument for $ 249, but you will have to wait for the greenery concert, as the first PlantWave will arrive in June 2020.