Growing Plants In Containers? Learn To Water Them Properly! 

Credit: Unsplash

Make the most out of your small but powerful garden

Growing plants in a container allow us to grow our food without yards. It’s an ongoing trend, and to get the most out of container plants, you need to water them properly.

Too much watering is a more significant issue than not giving your plants enough water. The plants can survive a bit of dryness. Remember to always water the plants in a way that it will reach the lowest roots, and excess water will pour out from the holes in the bottom of the container. This type of deep watering prevents shallow roots, and the plant becomes strong and thick.

Checking soil moisture is crucial. Since plants are different, you cannot water them on your schedule. Check soil moisture by poking fingers an inch deep into the surface of the soil. Dehydrated leaves and thin stems are all too obvious signals that plants need h2O.

It’s always the best to water the plants in the morning, once the sun is out. During summers, you can water plants in the evening. Water the plants until it begins to flow from the bottom of the container. This stimulates deep root hydration.

To reduce watering needs, use hydrogel or mineral zeolite. It improves the ability of soil to collect and absorb excess water and make it available for the plants. 

If you are going away for a vacation, you can buy a smart self-watering system, or make one yourself.